What's your favorite meat to BBQ?

For me I love to BBQ all kinds of meats but my most favorite is definitely brisket . I spend about a good 12 hours smoking it in my favorite smoker the Austin XL by pitboss! Of course prepping the brisket by trimming some fat not all and some of the decal. As always I use my smoking revolver seasonings to make it flavorful . I smoke it for 12 hrs at 220 degrees until I get internal temp of 170 internal temp . Then I wrap with butcher paper but before I do that I add some more seasoning and beef tallow then I wrap and put back in the smoker and pick up temp to 250 degrees until I get an internal temp of 203. I then let it rest for 3 to 4 hrs before I slice it and it comes out good nice and tender. If you haven't already check out our Facebook page for more photos and videos coming soon. Our Facebook name is on the site just click on it and it will take you there . Have a great day !!

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